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The Questions

Meet Jane Starter Pack 1

  1. What is your first memory?
  2. What is your favorite family holiday memory?
  3. Tell me about the first time you met your significant other.
  4. What was the most traumatic thing that has happened to you?
  5. What is a memory of your parents that you think of often?
  6. What does it take to be a good mother/father?
  7. What words of advice would you give your future family?
  8. Do you have any life regrets?
  9. What was your first job?
  10. What was your first car?

Meet Jane Starter Pack 2

  1. What is your favorite place?
  2. What was your best or worst day(s)?
  3. What is your most prized possession?
  4. What is something about your life or yourself you wish you could change?
  5. What is your proudest moment?
  6. Where was the best meal you have ever enjoyed?
  7. How many times have you been in love?
  8. What is one thing from your childhood that you always think about?
  9. Which sports did you excel at?
  10. What was the best vacation you ever took?

Early Childhood

  1. What is your earliest childhood memory?
  2. What city and type of neighborhood did you grow up in?
  3. What were your favorite school subjects or teachers?
  4. Who were your childhood best friends? What are they doing now?
  5. What is your favorite or memorable vacation or trip you took?
  6. How did you get along with your siblings and family growing up?
  7. What do you remember most about early school?
  8. What was your favorite place as a child?
  9. What was your most prized possession as a child?
  10. Someone you will always remember that had an impact on you?

Teenage & College Years

  1. Where did you go to High School and / or College?
  2. What type of student were you? What were your favorite / least favorite subjects?
  3. Who were your close friends in high school and college?
  4. What activities were you involved in during high school?
  5. What jobs did you have during high school and college?
  6. What teacher or subject had an impact on your life?
  7. What was your proudest accomplishment in high school?
  8. Did you ever get in trouble during high school or college?
  9. If your high school class were to vote you for something…”most likely too….” what do you think it would have been?
  10. What was your most awkward or embarrassing moment as a teenager?

Your Children

  1. When did you first find out that you’d be a parent? How did you feel?
  2. Did you always know you wanted to be a parent?
  3. Can you describe the moment when you saw your first child for the first time?
  4. How has being a parent changed you?
  5. What have you learned about yourself from being a parent?
  6. What are your dreams for your children?
  7. Do you remember when your last child left home for good?
  8. What is a favorite story about your kids?
  9. Is having children the most important thing in life?
  10. Tell me a story about when one of your kids got into a lot of trouble.

Your Pets

  1. What pets have you had throughout your life?
  2. Who was your favorite pet you’ve ever had? What is their personality like?
  3. What are three memorable memories you’ve had with your favorite pet?
  4. Describe the time you met your pet for the first time.
  5. What impact have your pets had on your life and your family?
  6. What was your funniest experience you’ve had with your pets?
  7. What breed of pet do you recommend and why?
  8. Who were your pets best friends?
  9. What is one piece of advice you would have for any future pet owner?
  10. What was the worst memory you have of your pets?

Your Military Service

  1. When were you drafted or when did you enlist? What do you remember about the day you enlisted?
  2. How did you tell your family and friends that you were joining the military? Are there any conversations that stand out from that time?
  3. What were some of the reasons that you joined the military? How did you choose your branch of service?
  4. What was basic training like? Can you describe a funny moment from boot camp?
  5. Where did you serve? If you saw multiple deployments, how did they differ from each other? How did you change?
  6. Can you describe how you felt coming home from combat / service?
  7. Is there someone you served with that you remember fondly? Can you tell me about him/her?
  8. What are some fun things you and your friends did together while you were deployed? Did any of your military friends play pranks on each other? Can you describe a funny one?
  9. How do you think your time in the military affected you? What did you learn about yourself?
  10. What are some things you miss about being in the service? What are some you are glad to have left behind?

Your Faith

  1. What role did faith or spirituality play in your life?
  2. Did you grow up in a religious or spiritual household?
  3. What role did you play in your church?
  4. What is your favorite part of your church?
  5. What bible passage has had the most impact on your life?
  6. Who did you meet in your church or spiritual life that had an impact on your beliefs?
  7. How do you describe yourself theologically?
  8. What is your idea of what God looks like?
  9. Is there a heaven and hell?
  10. What’s the most influential story from the Bible?

Work & Professional Life

  1. How did you get started in your professional career?
  2. What are you most proud of in your career?
  3. What is the largest accomplishment in your career?
  4. What was your biggest failure or time when you learned the most from something that did not go as planned?
  5. What was your favorite or most enjoyable job you ever had?
  6. What was your least favorite job you ever had?
  7. Who had the most impact on your professional life?
  8. Did your career ever allow you to travel somewhere exciting?
  9. What was the biggest problem you faced in your career?
  10. What are a few skills you learned in your career that aren’t on your resume?

Wisdom and Words of Advice

  1. What words of advice would you give to your family about how to be a good mother/father?
  2. What does it take to be a good partner?
  3. What are the core values you hope your family always has?
  4. What story do you think of that really impacted your outlook on life?
  5. Who outside your family made the largest impact on your life and why?
  6. What words of advice do you have to raise kids?
  7. What does it take to be a good worker/employee?
  8. How do you achieve balance in your life?
  9. If you could give 3 pieces of advice to teenage you, what would you say?
  10. Where do you find the most peace in your life?

The Firsts of Life

  1. Who and when was your first kiss?
  2. What and when was your first vacation?
  3. Who was your first best friend?
  4. What was your first job? How much were you paid? What did you do?
  5. Who was your first boss?
  6. Who was your first real boyfriend/girlfriend?
  7. What was your first car?
  8. What was the first country outside the United States you visited?
  9. What was your first roadtrip that your drove?
  10. What was the first time you got in trouble?