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What is MeetJane?

Meet Jane is a new solution for capturing and retaining memories. Our proprietary tools allow you to store and share your stories, photos, and videos with your family, allowing future generations to listen, watch and create their own memories, growing an everlasting bond through generations.

The Modern Family Tree

Today’s genealogy tools have limitations only to allow you to look back at your family history. Gone are the days when all Aunt Karen could do for her family was organize static historical documents through public records or simply find out data on what country her ancestors came from. Our proprietary tools allow you to store and share your stories, photos, and videos to preserve your family.

At Meet Jane, we have reimagined the family tree to fit into today’s digital era. We allow you and your ancestors to live on, in your own words, preserving personalities in perpetuity.

Our technology allows users to digitally identify and connect with the most important people in their life. Each family builds a connected family tree to establish a private digital ecosystem, and your tree then extends over time as new family members join. As the tree grows, users can share memories with one another.

We interview

The process starts with a professionally recorded phone call. Our team of interviewers consists of documentarians, journalists, and genealogy experts, who know firsthand how to get the most out of each story and always emphasize your privacy.

Our experts will ask you a series of pre-selected questions enabling you to tell stories in your own words.


We edit & polish

When we record your stories, we also collect the critical dates that encompass them. Together, these create the power of Meet Jane.


Experience the stories

Now, let’s share with your family tree! Meet Jane’s proprietary time-based delivery system emails the specific audio stories on their imperative dates to your family tree, forever.

Is your story about a heroic tour in Vietnam? A hilarious family Christmas? The life-changing experience of the birth of your first child?

Now, on mothers day, you can hear your favorite stories told by your grandmother and mother, while your son and daughter also listen to the same stories along with your favorite memory to share with them.

And, as your family tree grows, each new generation will continue to meet and learn about their family members on the days that each story was meant be told. It is a generational reminder of the memories that identify your family and its history told in the most personal way.


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