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What is Meet Jane?

Welcome to Meet Jane, where your stories live on. At Meet Jane, our mission is to connect families through personal storytelling and build an everlasting legacy shared between generations. 

With only a one-hour phone call, our professional biographer will interview and record your loved ones. Meet Jane automatically edits and delivers these stories to family members, giving their most important life moments and personalities a legacy that will be shared forever. 

Share your legacy..

Embark on a journey with our community’s unique stories – from overcoming challenges to celebrating milestones. Meet individuals who graciously share their hearts, weaving a rich fabric of collective narrative. These tales remind us that every voice matters, creating a symphony of diverse perspectives. Join us in embracing the beauty of these personal narratives and discovering the profound connections that bind us all.

Tell me about the first time you met your significant other.
  • Tell me about the first time you met your significant other.
  • ThePlus Audio
What was your favorite or most enjoyable job you ever had?
  • What was your favorite or most enjoyable job you ever had?
Who and when was your first kiss?
  • Who and when was your first kiss?
What are your dreams for your children?
  • What are your dreams for your children?

Our Process

There are so many stories to tell, it is hard to pick just one. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Head over to our questions page to select a category you want to be recorded.

Once a time is scheduled that works, we will provide a professionally recorded phone call. Our team of biographers consists of documentarians, journalists, and genealogy experts, who know firsthand how to get the most out of each story and always emphasize your privacy.

Our audio engineers will edit the audio files to make the stories more concise in 3 to 5-minute clips. They will also polish the audio tracks to optimize for best listening.

Now, experience the stories. Meet Jane’s proprietary time-based delivery system emails the specific audio stories on their imperative dates to your family members, forever.

Why Meet Jane?

Time marches on relentlessly. No matter how hard we want to slow things down, tomorrow always comes. And as difficult as it is to think about, tomorrow is also never guaranteed. People grow up, people get older, and people pass.  

When loved ones do move on, how can we remember them? Photos and videos, texts and emails, journals and letters are all beautiful memories to reflect on. But how do we remember their stories and hold on to their personalities? 

Meet Jane is an innovative solution for capturing and sharing stories with your family forever. Future generations will listen, watch and create their own memories, bringing your relative’s stories to life! With Meet Jane, you can easily create an everlasting legacy that ensures future generations will meet their ancestors. 

Just imagine receiving a story from your mother every year on your birthday with her detailing her favorite childhood memory of you. Or how about receiving a collection of favorite holiday memories from your father, mother, son, and brother, all sent to your email each Christmas!

Schedule you free interview today to preserve your family’s legacy and keep those stories alive for years to come. We’re excited for you to learn more about your family!

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